MArch 2-11 at MacLeod Ale Brewery and The Attic

Come away, o human child...

The world we know is filled with sorrows and complications. But what if there are other worlds? What if charming strangers offered to take you away from everything you know, promising an escape? Would you believe them? 

"To The Wild" incorporates elements of fantasy to explore human emotions. This production is an immersive experience based on Irish legends.

First weekend at MacLeod Ale in Van Nuys, second weekend at The Attic in Culver City.

Directed by Marlee Delia. Written by Anna Mavromati. Art by Christi Riddle. Music by Kate Kohler. Lighting design by Phoebe Merten. Costumes by Taylor Thorne. Photos by Larry Duncan. Featuring performances by Sam Brittan, John Patrick D'Arcy, Marlee Delia, Dylan Little, Sylvia Masuda, Jennifer Nwene, Dolores Quintana and Adam Shows. Special thanks to MacLeod Ale Brewery and The Santa Monica Chorus for sponsoring the bar.