“Hush a bye, don’t you cry…”

Once upon a time there lived a young woman who dreamed of prince charming and true love’s kiss. But venture too far into dreams and you might end up missing.

Sweet Dreams is a series of immersive productions about a missing girl and the haze beyond reality. Will you end up too far in dream world yourself?


Part One: The Prologue

Directed by Marlee Delia. Written by Anna Mavromati. Art and set design by Christi Riddle. Music by Kate Kohler. Featuring performances by Alexander Echols and Hannah Faust.

Hollywood Fringe Festival June 8-24

San Diego Fringe Festival June 30 - July 31

Part Two: Just a Dream

Midsummer Scream at The Long Beach Convention Center July 29-30

Part Three

Los Angeles. October and November 2017.

winner of the 2017 immersive Critics' circle award for best debut immersive work at the hollywood fringe festival.


"Enter the arms of Shine On Collective and you will find yourself lulled into a tantalizing twilight." - Nightmarish Conjurings

"The Prologue tackles some heavy material but by filtering it through the lens of a modern fairy tale, it generates an intelligent social commentary on what those ideas would mean today."  - Haunting

"As with Devoted the melding of storytelling tropes and the physiological underpinnings of a singular character are deftly woven together: hinting at just how much skill this troupe has for physicalizing the interior of a character’s mind." - No Proscenium