Have you ever felt true love?

"Devoted" is an intimate and interactive experience. This show will be intense, dark and unsettling.

Love can be a twisted, bloody thing.


Story developed by Marlee Delia, Trish DeLuca and Anna Mavromati.

Directed by Marlee Delia. Written by Anna Mavromati.

Photos by Larry Duncan. Art by Christi Riddle. Music by Kate Kohler. Lighting design by Phoebe Merten. Featuring performances by Marlee Delia, Trish DeLuca, Alexander Echols, Taylor Thorne, Sharon Savene, Eric Vallante.


Winner of the 2016 HorrorBUZZ Golden Pumpkin Award for Best Immersive TheatRICAL EXPERIENCE and the 2016 Creepy L.A. Cadaver Award for Best Scare Actors.


"The finest example of immersive theater this season is Shine On Collective’s Devoted." - Mel Magazine

"It's apparent how well Anna and Marlee work off each other as they were able to bring Cara to life in such a way that you become lost in the story, even hours after it's ended." -Nightmarish Conjurings 

"...the show grips you and never lets go. Devoted transcends what normal theater has to offer and truly immerses the audience in an experience that challenges emotionally while telling a beautiful and creepy story about love." -We Are Indie Horror

"I really can’t say enough good things about this show. It really was wonderful." -HorrorBuzz